Bruno Is Orange

Hop Along, Queen Ansleis — Freshman Year


All we did was kiss on my grave, I swear.

Indie Rock, Folk

Sia - Breathe Me

She has lost herself again.

Singer Songwriter, Indie Pop, Downtempo

For Shaky Hearts

Songs For Moms — I Used To Believe In The West


Let’s pretend we don’t live in this place.

Punk, Riot Grrrl

Bride & Groom Hot Air Balloon

Hop Along, Queen Ansleis — Freshman Year


She looks into his eyes eyes eyes eyes eyes says “at least we know we tried tried tried tried tried.”

Indie Rock, Folk


Mahria — Self-Titled


You just have to make it one more day until you can sleep again.

Emo, Screamo, Hardcore

Westkust - Alan Life

if I only had you but you could never stand to be with me.

Noise Pop, Surf


Warpaint — The Fool


She went running running running running from the troubles.

Indie Rock, Shoegaze

Angel Olsen - Acrobat

She wants to be the bed you miss.

Indie, Folk

Where Do You Run To

Vivian Girls — Vivian Girls


She will never ask you why.

Indie Rock, Dream Pop, Lo-Fi


Everyone Asked About You — Let's Be Enemies


Can she have this last dance with you?

Indie, 90s Midwest Emo